WBF Campaign – YOU GOT THIS!

For almost two decades, Women Building Futures (WBF) has been training and supporting women for careers in the trades, and now they’ve launched their most ambitious campaign ever, “You Got This” – a motivating, empowering message that tells women not to wait for their future, but to build it in the trades and WBF can help them succeed.

Don’t wait for your future. Build it in the trades

Women are under-represented in the trades. We know the statistics and have anecdotes that support
it. We know that women experience unique barriers when entering the trades beyond the ability to get training, including stereotypes around the type of work women can or should do; and questions about whether women are appropriate or successful in the trades.
We also know that by working together, we can change this. WBF has been working to help women succeed and we are leading that conversation. The ‘You Got This’ campaign is about starting conversations and raising awareness that women do have a choice and are successful in the trades every day. The campaign seeks to transform the way women and society view the trades by positioning careers in construction and maintenance as a first-choice career and lifestyle option for women. From a strategic perspective, this involves:

  • Breaking down stereotypes
  • Building awareness of the lifestyle and economic benefits of a career in the trades
  • Encouraging all women to consider a career in the trades
  • Encouraging families and life influencers to support careers in the trades as a first-choice

Interested in learning more? WFB has a great campaign support guide that includes more details and concepts behind YOU GOT THIS, as well as ways to support in your organization, on social media, etc. For more information, please contact Jacqueline Andersen at jandersen@womenbuildingfutures.com or visit www.womenbuildingfutures.com