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Webinar Series #5: Collaborative Contracting a framework and toolkit

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Collaborative Contracting

a framework and toolkit

We are in uncharted waters … so many questions …

How are we going to stay working and earning money?

How do we address constraints which change daily?

How do we manage COVID-19 risks and be productive?

The short answer is …


More than ever before, construction teams must respond to uncharted waters and undefined work scopes by making the strategic choice to invest in relationships, freely share valuable knowledge, and thoughtfully build trust and alignment. By working collaboratively, we can meet the challenges and we can seize the opportunities.

A Collaborative Contracting best practice – posted in May 2020 – will provide a model and toolkit to help you navigate the challenges TOGETHER with others on the construction team.

To introduce the best practice, COAA produced a series of 4 webinars in mid-May 2020.  The materials for these webinars are available on the COAA website at the COAA Library:

We have since developed a subsequent group of webinars to delve into more “detailed” topics. Our next Webinar – Top Ten T’s & C’s of Collaborative Contracting – will explore the following:

  • Main legal principles that frequently appear in forms of Collaborative Contracts;
  • Exploration of key terms and conditions commonly seen in Collaborative Contracts;
  • Explore the unique ways in which risk is shared and managed – instead of allocated; and
  • Discuss how issues and conflicts are managed differently in Collaborative Contracts.

Collaborative Contracting Series Webinar #5

11:30 to 1:00 p.m. a day in December, 3rd, 2020


  • Richard Venerus, Venerus Advisory Partners
  • Leanna Olson, Miller Thomson
  • Nicki Haig, Haig Commercial Consulting

Presented by the COAA Collaborative Contracting Committee

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