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Return to Work – Workplace Reboot 2.0

Half of Canadians report a worsening of their mental health since the onset of the pandemic. As organizations progress with their re-entry, not all employees will embrace “Work 2.0” with the same readiness and capabilities. What plans do you have in place to protect the mental health and psychological safety of your workforce as you “reboot” during the COVID-19 pandemic?

In partnership with ACSA, AMHSA and COAA*, Energy Safety Canada is pleased to present a webinar with Dr. Bill Howatt. In this 90-minute session he will discuss considerations for employers to proactively support employees’ mental health and provide ideas and a framework to help you create an effective mental health impact plan.

About the Presenter: Dr. Bill Howatt is President and Founder of Howatt HR and the Chief of Research, Productivity for the Conference Board of Canada. A behavioural scientist, Dr. Howatt is one of Canada’s top experts in mental health issues in the workplace and has over 30 years’ experience in the fields of mental health, addiction and HR consulting. His passion is helping people make their workplaces healthier, happier and more productive. He is a highly respected columnist for the Globe and Mail, author, clinician, consultant and speaker.

Hosted by Alberta Municipal Health and Safety Association (AMHSA), presented in collaboration with Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA), Construction Owners Association of Alberta (COAA) and Energy Safety Canada. 

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