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Webinar Series #1: Collaborative Contracting a framework and toolkit

More than ever before, construction teams must respond to uncharted waters and undefined work scopes by making the strategic choice to invest in relationships, freely share valuable knowledge, and thoughtfully build trust and alignment. By working collaboratively, we can meet the challenges and we can seize the opportunities.

This just-posted best practice will provide you with a model and a toolkit to help your company navigate the coming months TOGETHER with others on your construction team.

To introduce this best practice, we are producing a unique series of three webinars that will lead you through:
• An overview of successful forms of collaborative contracting and how they have been used in construction projects to manage uncertainty and risk, and protect value
• Understanding how to prudently make the shift from traditional contracting approaches to true collaborative contracting
• How to confidently outline the “opportunity case” for collaboration in contracts and drive positive change within your organization

Each webinar will focus on key aspects of the best practice. Webinar #CC1 will explore the “What and Why of Collaborative Contracting”. Webinars #CC2 “Getting Together” and #CC3 “Staying Together” will enable adoption by exploring the “How”.

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Discussion leaders: Richard Venerus (Venerus Advisory Partners), Gerry Scott (Suncor Energy), Ryan Jolly (TC Energy)

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