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Webinar Series #4: Collaborative Contracting a framework and toolkit

On May 6th you were introduced to the “What” and “Why” of Collaborative Contracting.  Subsequent webinars on May 19th and May 27th, respectively titled “Getting Together” and “Staying Together”, explored the “How” of Collaborative Contracting. The materials for these webinars are available on the COAA website. These 3 webinars addressed general aspects of collaborative contracting – but did not address specifics or explore complexities.

We have since developed a subsequent group of webinars to delve into more “detailed” topics. This webinar – Collaborative Contracting Compensation Models – explored the following:

  • Key principles relevant to compensation models used in Collaborative Contracting;
  • Exploration of various compensation models commonly seen in Collaborative Contracts;
  • Explore how target price is built-up during the Collaborative Contracting process;
  • Discuss how risk is estimated and allocated and subsequently linked to behaviours and financial incentives that promote alignment in Collaborative Contracting contexts

Discussion Leaders: Richard Venerus (Venerus Advisory Partners), Nicki Haig (Haig Commercial Consulting) Jim Freiburger (Retired, formerly SCM Nexen/CNOOC), Angela Thomson (Fluor)

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