Twice as Safe, Twice as Productive

Twice as Safe, Twice as Productive by 2020 was launched in 2014, in an effort to foster a culture of excellence in execution amongst Alberta’s construction companies.

Productivity is important: by better using our resources, Alberta’s construction industry will be better able to compete in the global economy, and help Alberta remain the economic engine driving Canada.

Productivity can’t come at the expense of safety—they have to work in tandem. That’s why thinking about productivity at all stages of a project, from planning, through contracting, procurement and site work, can ensure a project’s value chain is working effectively, while keeping people safe.

More information about Twice as Safe, Twice as Productive by 2020 is available in the Benchmarking 101 Report that can be found by clicking here.


Success Stories


The CLAC focused its attention on a Labour Productivity Analysis and Modeling project

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A variety of strategies are helping Suncor increase productivity and lower costs.

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Whether you’re a small or large business, there is room to become safer and more productive. We have tools and resources that can help you set goals, and then achieve them. Whether it’s through improved planning, benchmarking, reduced re-work or improved labour availability, you can realize the benefits of working smarter.

The Library

The Construction Owners Association of Alberta Library is the home for all of our Best Practices.

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The Alberta Reports

By using the benchmarking database established by the COAA and our partner, the Construction Industry Institute in 2006, the Alberta Reports compare the performance and productivity of Alberta-based industrial construction projects within the province and in the US. Alberta Report I covers 2006-2009, while Alberta Report II covers the project’s second phase, 2010-2014. The assessments demonstrate both trends in productivity over those time periods, as well as identify areas for further improvement.

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Rework is a major source of unplanned cost growth in construction projects. Reducing—or eliminating—rework could mean dramatic productivity improvements for your business.

The Project Rework Reduction Tool was developed to address and facilitate improvements to rework: the first part of the tool assesses and evaluates the type and severity of rework on your project, while the second part provides valuable suggestions of COAA resources and Best Practices that will address your specific needs.

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Advanced Work Packaging

Advanced Work Packaging aligns planning and execution activities for increased productivity, while WorkFace Planning ensures that the right things get to the right people at the right time in order to save time and money on a large-scale construction project. The COAA Library has resources to help you devise and implement Advanced Work Packaging and WorkFace Planning strategies in your business.

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Workforce Projections

For most of the past two decades, the labour market in Alberta’s heavy industrial sector has been challenged by availability issues. When skilled labour isn’t available, it can cause delays in projects, leading to productivity challenges. COAA’s workforce projections help companies plan their projects around labour availability, and can help decrease the potential for delays and cost overruns as part of major projects.

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