Success Stories

Voice Construction

Our Voice Vision card program is a behavioural based observation tool used by all Supervision as a means to interact with our employees and get them engaged in what they observe on a day to day basis to identify all positive acts. These cards are entered into our tracking database and then broken up into the four main trends for the week. These trends are put into a graph which is broken up into the different categories, including all of the recognized positive observations. These trends are then communicated through Voice Vision Bulletin which is reviewed with all employees at the morning toolbox talks. For a card that demonstrated an employee going above and beyond their scope of duties or demonstrating a safe act, recognition is given by awarding that employee safety points. With the results of their daily observations and recommendations being communicated to the employees, our employees feel more engaged and are motivated to keep participating in the vision card program. Voice employees have demonstrated that team work and mentoring can contribute to improving safety and productivity. This resulted in two profitable long term Voice Construction projects achieving the Million hour milestone for no recordable incidents.