Success Stories


“Improving time on the tools by 30 minutes can improve the cost performance of one project by a staggering $300 million or a significant portion of a future SAGD facility”

The foundation of productivity improvement on our job sites is acknowledging that we have a challenge to address and, not surprisingly, planning for productivity improvements and implementing field measurement protocols. Having the courage and conviction to properly implement tools such as:

  • pre-mobilization assessments that sometimes delay mobilization when we are not prepared
  • interactive planning sessions on a macro and micro level
  • creating a baselined schedule (including milestones) and keep it as the baseline throughout the job
  • workface planning followed up with field level implementation audits
  • tool time observations
  • productivity war rooms with regular standing dialogue comparing planned performance vs actual performance
  • and most importantly having the mature conversation to implement corrective actions with all parties as required rather than blind acceptance and resolving ourselves to the Alberta situation.