Success Stories

2019 Best Practices Award Winner (Construction Performance)

PCL Industrial Management – Optimizing the Interdependent Module Supply Chain

Efficiently “manufacturing” modules is half of the success equation; delivering them to site and lifting them into place is the other half. For a decade, PCL and other contractors have been working to make each part of the equation more efficient. For instance, development of the HeviLift program reduced PCL’s module assembly lift schedule by 20 perfect. However, material shortages in the fab yard could delay module delivery and throw heavy lift sequencing off plan: the two parts of the tradition equation are highly interdependent. PCL has developed a method to work backwards from the optimized heavy lift sequence to identify an optimized module assembly plan, which in turn drives procurement commitments and supply chain engagement. Implementing this fully integrated philosophy on the Fort Hills Project increased the lifts-per-crane-per-month by 227 percent versus project averages in prior years. Continuous improvement efforts have further increased crane productivity by 18 percent. Extrapolating the lessons learned, PCL has adopted an integrated supply chain philosophy on their three latest large-scale projects. PCL has shared their learnings via publishing by their engineering team of 32 papers on crane optimization and modular supply chain integration.