Success Stories

Ledcor strengthens its safety performance

Integrating our safety team with our operations team has strengthened our safety culture and improved our safety performance.

Success Story:

Last year we moved the reporting structure of our safety team into our operations stream, having the Safety Coordinators on the job report to the Project Manager, and the Safety Manager reporting to the Divisional Construction Manager. Breaking down these silos has resulted in a much more integrated team, with all team members having common goals and objectives. It has allowed for more effective communication between team members, improving the quality of job planning, better identification and mitigation of hazards in the field, and a reduction in risk tolerance at an individual level. Leading indicators are conducted jointly and are meaningful and effective, the team members have a greater level of understanding and respect of each other’s roles. Our lagging indicator statistics were the best results we have had in years, with TRIF of zero on more than 500,000 man-hours. It is worth noting that we have kept “dotted line” relationships for the safety folks to the corporate safety leadership team, which has ensured consistency with corporate policies and procedures, allowing for performance management and career development for the safety folks to be done consistently with safety team members from other groups