Success Stories

2017 Best Practices Award Winner (Safety Leadership)

Kiewit Energy Canada – Craft Led Safety Program

Originally, the Kiewit Energy Canada (KEC) safety leadership was top-down, man-aged like a traditional safety program, and benchmarking favorably against other North American constructors. However, safety performance had plateaued and people were still getting hurt. Starting six years ago, KEC engaged workers in creating safe worksites. Every element of KEC’s Safety program is either craft led, or developed with craft involvement – by craft workers, for craft workers:

  • Safety Observation System
  • Craft Safety Advisors
  • Craft Voice in Safety
  • Craft Led Training
  • Safety Mentoring Program

KEC’s recordable incident frequency has improved from 1.2 to 0.16 in the past six years. Both the number and severity level of the incidents has been lower. Currently, there is an average of 2.5 documented observations and interactions per week – cumulatively more than 500,000 documented observations in the past six years. KEC has shared this Best Practice extensively with the industry, and specifically through active participation in two COAA committees, through a workshop at the 2016 Best Practices Conference and through numerous presentations to client and non-client companies.