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Company Best Practice

Apprenticeship Training Guide Best Practice

Apprenticeship Training Guide

Workforce Development

The best practices outlined in this booklet are based on key learning experiences from two mentoring programs and a study on the effectiveness of apprentices on large industrial projects in Alberta. This booklet aims to enhance the on-the-job portion of apprenticeship learning so that both apprentices and journeymen can have positive learning experiences. In 2005… Read more »

Company Best Practice

Apprentice Mentoring Best Practice

Apprentice Mentoring

Workforce Development

The Apprentice Mentoring Program (AMP) was developed by a group of industry stakeholders as a best practice of the Construction Owners Association of Alberta (COAA). It is provided to companies free of charge, and is intended to help improve the skills and knowledge of apprentices on a work site so they are more able to… Read more »

Project Best Practice

Worker Competency Verification Best Practice

Worker Competency Verification


Worker Competency Verification is intended to help employers develop methods to allow them to verify that workers employed on a work site meet legislated requirements and construction industry expectations. This Best Practice is an aid to better equip employers with a knowledge base surrounding worker competency and the process needed to be duly diligent in… Read more »

Company Best Practice

Contractor Health and Safety Management Best Practice

Contractor EHS Management with prequalification and presentations


The objective of this Best Practice is to assist Owners, Prime Contractors and Contractors to develop effective Contractor EHS-environment, health and safety management systems and/or processes. Effective EHS management systems will promote a collaborative working relationship between Owners, Prime Contractors and Contractors, resulting in improved HS&E and productivity for all parties involved. This best practice… Read more »