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Project Best Practice

Winter Works Best Practice

Winter Works with Appendices


The purpose of this best practice is to provide guidelines to follow when developing a winter preparedness program specific to the company or site requirements. This document will cover pre-season planning, in-season work execution and, post season de-winterization and review. This document will provide guidance to minimize the impact on people, environment, materials, production and…

Project Best Practice

Field Level Risk Assessment Best Practice

Field Level Risk Assessment


Field Level Risk Assessments (FLRA) first appeared in Alberta in the late 1990s, among progressive owners and contractors in the increasingly busy heavy industrial construction sector.  The COAA FLRA best practice was developed in 1998 at the request of the Safety Committee in order to encourage widespread use of this new approach in order to…

Company Best Practice

Behaviour Based Safety Best Practice

Behaviour Based Safety Best Practice with supporting docs


The COAA Safety Committee and sub-committee collaboratively developed this Best Practice; a framework, implementation guide, tools and references to assist organizations in implementing a Behaviour Based Safety program. Analysis of incidents shows that 90% of them have the behaviour of the person(s) involved as a key contributing factor. Of the 10% remaining, 0% of them…

Project Best Practice

Contractor Prequalification Best Practice

Contractor Prequalification


COAA Contractor Prequalification Guideline has been prepared in 2013 as a guide for owners and contractors to facilitate prequalification of contractors and subcontractors for industrial construction in Alberta. Its purpose is to ensure that owners have access to contractors with the capabilities, capacity and expertise to perform required services. Implementing the best practices provided in…

Project Best Practice

Advanced Work Packaging, WorkFace Planning Templates and Tools

WFP WorkFace Planning Best Practice and all documents

Construction Performance

This best practice provides the use of construction work packaging for planning purposes with regards to the workface. The overall practice of project planning and management is guided by principles and tools in this collection. Here you can find overall path of construction process flows down to individual process flows and job descriptions to implement…

Project Best Practice

Modularization Strategy Best Practice

Module Assembly Best Practice

Construction Performance

This module assembly framework has been developed as a guideline to assist all module stakeholders in developing their own project specific module assembly plan. Rather than create a document that attempts to address all possible considerations through a module project lifecycle this best practice tool is based on using “principles” as a means of conveying…