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COAA Contractor Prequalification Guideline has been prepared in 2013 as a guide for owners and contractors to facilitate prequalification of contractors and subcontractors for industrial construction in Alberta. Its purpose is to ensure that owners have access to contractors with the capabilities, capacity and expertise to perform required services. Implementing the best practices provided in this document will improve the contractor selection process, reduce the duration and effort to complete prequalification, and reduce costs for owners and contractors. This best practice was developed at the request of the COAA Contracting Committee.

Pre-Qualification of Contractors Charter Position Statement

Within the industry, Owner and Contractor organizations employ a myriad of approaches to performing the screening or prequalification of contractors and their sub-tier contractors. These approaches include individually tailored information gathering documents, a third party agency to collect data and approve contractors or a combination of the aforementioned. COAA believes that the maintenance of duplicate data, in multiple locations, in multiple formats is a cumbersome and unnecessarily costly approach to the Contractors, which is ultimately passed on to the Owners in the form of project costs.


  • Generate efficiencies / reduce costs associated with delivery of all aspects of pre-qualification processes
  • Develop a recommended standard with respect to how the industry should conduct the pre-qualification process for industrial construction
    • Recommendations will include direction regarding the sourcing of pre-qualification information between third party services and information collected directly by the Owner based on a proposed index of areas of evaluation
    • Highlight the costs associated with a repetitive, non standard pre-qualification processes (timing and frequency are significant issues)
  • Recommendations to include pre-qualification of subcontractors

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