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Construction Performance

Project Best Practice

Project Rework Reduction Tool Best Practice

Project Rework Reduction Tool

Construction Performance

This tool targets reducing overall project direct cost of redoing work. Supported by research, this tool targets the highest factors causing rework on a project by conducting project assessments at key points during the project. The resulting project rating helps identify areas of weakness that need to be addressed before the problem becomes a reality…

Project Best Practice

Benchmarking Projects Best Practice

Benchmarking Projects

Construction Performance

This is a summary document describing the COAA projects around industrial project performance benchmarking. There has been two final reports; Alberta Report 1 and Alberta Report 2. These efforts have been conducted by the Benchmarking committee. Click here to be directed to the CII website for training and log-in information to COAA’s Benchmarking system.

Project Best Practice

Modularization Strategy Best Practice

Module Assembly Best Practice

Construction Performance

This module assembly framework has been developed as a guideline to assist all module stakeholders in developing their own project specific module assembly plan. Rather than create a document that attempts to address all possible considerations through a module project lifecycle this best practice tool is based on using “principles” as a means of conveying…

Project Best Practice

Advanced Work Packaging, WorkFace Planning Templates and Tools

WFP WorkFace Planning Best Practice and all documents

Construction Performance

This best practice provides the use of construction work packaging for planning purposes with regards to the workface. The overall practice of project planning and management is guided by principles and tools in this collection. Here you can find overall path of construction process flows down to individual process flows and job descriptions to implement…

Report, Research

Benchmarking Projects Publication

Alberta Report 3 COAA Major Projects Performance Assessment System

Construction Performance, General COAA Publications

This report presents aggregated data on some of the metrics which were collected on Alberta projects throughout Phases 1 (2006-2009), 2 (2010-2014), and 3 (2015-2019). The report also contains comparisons of metrics for SAGD and Pipeline projects, and for Alberta and U.S. projects. The findings of this report are organized into three categories – Project…