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Canadian Model


The Canadian Model for Providing a Safe Workplace (the Canadian Model) is a best- practice alcohol and drug policy that stakeholders in the construction industry across Canada can adopt and follow. The purpose of the Canadian Model is to ensure a safe workplace for all workers by reducing the risks associated with the inappropriate use of alcohol and drugs. This fifth version effective October 8 2014 has undergone a comprehensive update by a review committee of industry experts. One notable change is the guidance provided on point of collection testing (urine), which may be appropriately used as a risk assessment tool but not as a basis for employment decisions.

Construction Labour Relations – Alberta has created an online e-learning program (Understanding Our Canadian Model) for Version 5.0 of the Canadian Model Workplace For Providing a Safe Workplace – Alcohol and Drug Guidelines and Work Rule. The Target audience for the program includes frontline supervisors and those who hold administrative responsibilities for the Canadian Model as it is applied in the building trades unionized construction and plant maintenance industries. This program takes approximately three hours to complete.

Further information about the program is available on the CLR-A website at You can also register for the program by contacting the CLR-A office at 1-800-450-7204.

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