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Overview: Marijuana & the Safety-Sensitive Worker (By: Dr. Brendan Adams)


Key topics from Dr. Adams’ full 21-page paper are highlighted in this overview – as well as a link to the full paper. The full paper reviews the studies relevant to workplace impairment in safety-sensitive environments to provide clarity for the development of corporate and government policies. Despite a long history of marijuana use –… Read more »


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Collaborative Contracting Report


On June 7, 2017, JWN hosted an Inspired Conversation Workshop, Collaborative Contracting: Achieving Globally Competitive Project Delivery Through Trust, that brought together asset owners and vendors to discuss the challenges and possible solutions in effective project delivery. This summary report outlines how owners and suppliers can collectively work toward answering the following questions and the… Read more »

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Canadian Model - Alcohol and Drug Guidelines Publication

Canadian Model FAQ

General COAA Publications, Safety

‘The Canadian Model For Providing a Safe Workplace FAQ’ document provides answers developed since the 2010 version was published. The answers to questions asked over the years are collected in this document as a resource for all users.


Fuel Your Career - Supervisor ICCS Certification Website

Fuel Your Career – Website

Fuel Your Career is a platform for you to find information on industry best practices that focus on the development of frontline leadership skills in industrial construction. Click here to go to the website.