Library Users Guide

The COAA Library contains more than 550 documents and resources, including Best Practices, Power Point Presentations, Tools, Templates and more!

At the core of the Library are approximately 30 Best Practices developed by COAA committees over the past two decades. These best practices are presented as a ”master” document (PDF format), followed by individual appendices, forms, checklists, etc., which can be accessed or downloaded individually. Forms and checklists are normally available in editable format (Word or Excel) so that they can be readily customized for company or project use. Presentations from various conferences and workshops are linked to the relevant best practices so the background and overview information is readily accessible.

In the COAA Library, there are three easy ways to search:

  1. Best Practices Map
    This interactive map allows you to ‘select & click’ on the Best Practice you wish to view. The “master” document will be displayed along with any other associated resources.
  2. Keywords
    Search by subject or partial title (e.g. entering “Drug and Alcohol Guideline” will lead to the Canadian Model Best Practice; entering “rework” will lead to the Project Rework Reduction Tool). Please note that all documents containing the word “rework” (for instance) will be listed – you may have to do a bit of browsing to find exactly what you need. Searching through the related documents is a great way to discover resources that you may not have known were available. The keyword search strategy focuses most heavily on words in titles, but also searches the description of the document and the specific database keywords which are associated. General reports, white papers, training materials and presentations are also available in the Library and may be searched by keywords.
  3. Category/Document Name
    The drop-box filters quickly zero in on the specific document or resource that you are looking for. Select options from one or more drop-boxes to retrieve the search results (e.g. selecting “Safety/Leading Indicators …/Templates and Tools” yields a short list of the half-dozen forms and checklists associated with the best practice indicated.

If you have any challenges finding a document, please contact This will also help us in knowing what keywords to add to help make future searches more efficient.