Webinar – Best Principles: Considerations When Deciding to Put a Project into Sleep Mode


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This webinar will be an opportunity to learn from each other and share company experiences and practices.

Dealing with pandemic-related social isolation challenges and higher absenteeism is new for most project managers. When it appears necessary to evaluate options for continuing or suspending construction projects or turnarounds, there are virtually no best practices and no experts. This webinar will be an opportunity for companies in the heavy industrial construction sector and the major turnaround sector to hear how their peers are evaluating and addressing the risks.

The webinar will not present any neat solutions or make any recommendations; it’s simply a chance to learn from each other.

Experiences, general principles, and example procedures will be briefly outlined by three discussion leaders, drawn from the COAA Board of Directors:

  • Ryan Jackson, General Manager, Construction, Project Resources / Suncor Energy
  • Steve Owens, Vice President, Pre-Operations & Supply Chain Management / Capital Power
  • Steve Peplinski, Projects Manager, Scotford Complex / Shell Canada

Q&A and a discussion session will follow.

There is no registration or fee required for this webinar. On Friday, simply join us by logging in to: