AWP Conference 2018

JW Marriott Hotel & Conference Center at the Galleria in Houston, Texas

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Developing an AWP Organization: What’s Your AWP Playbook?

COAA will be featured on the plenary stage, and there will be two COAA breakout sessions at this year’s Advanced Work Packaging Conference.


On the Plenary Stage:

COAA & CII Update

The AWP Conference is rooted in the best practices and body of knowledge of Advanced Work Packaging and WorkFace Planning – initiatives developed by the Construction Owners Association of Alberta (COAA) and the Construction Industry Institute (CII). For this reason, we open the conference each year with a featured presentation and panel discussion from CII and COAA to update industry on recent and upcoming developments from each organization.

The COAA AWP Scalability Project

After over two years of study, the COAA AWP Scalability Project Steering Committee will be presenting their findings and releasing the Scalable AWP report to industry. The AWP Conference attendees get the first look at the documentation and tools being made available through the hard work of the 40-member roster of industry subject matter experts representing all major stakeholder groups in leading organizations across North America. This report will have been reviewed by CII’s Advanced Work Packaging Community for Business Advancement (AWP CBA) team.

In the Breakout Program:

The COAA AWP Scalability Project:  In this breakout session, you will have an opportunity to learn more about the interpretation and practical application of the COAA Scalable AWP model, and will have an opportunity to gain more in-depth knowledge about the tools and documents published by the project team. This is also a great time to ask questions about the project and about AWP scalability in general.

Presenters: Chair and Members of the COAA AWP Scalability Project Steering Committee

AWP Resource Readiness:  In this breakout session, COAA AWP Committee chairs present a special topic: Resource Readiness for AWP. This session will focus on discussion of how to prepare the required engineering, procurement, equipment and labor resources / deliverables in an AWP environment.

Presenters:  Glen Warren, Chair of the COAA AWP Committee and  Yogesh Srivastava, Co-Chair of the COAA AWP Committee


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