Assessing Engineering and Construction Technologies: When to us, Where and Why

Calgary Petroleum Club | 319 - 5 Avenue SW | Calgary, AB

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To support industry’s drive for continuous improvement, JWN Energy, in partnership with Fluor, is inviting producers, project specialists and major suppliers to attend a complimentary breakfast event Sept 25th at the Petroleum Club, to hear from the speakers and be part of the live/moderated Q/A session. Built into the program will also be a live polling of the audience – helping to identify the operation activity to date using these technologies.

It’s purpose is to evaluate the new technologies available to us that have the potential to dramatically improve project efficiencies – specifically as they relate to industrial engineering and construction operations AND furthermore, to identify the skills sets required to optimize the returns derived from any investments in time/money.

The program will speak to tools used for both project planning AND execution and it will showcase the value of such technologies as BIM, RFID, Augmented Reality and Simulation tools.

The session will help to answer the following questions:

  • Which technologies present the biggest opportunities?
  • How are the technologies different depending on the project type?
  • How do producers and their suppliers begin the process of deploying new technology?
  • What processes need to be established in order to spur innovation?

It will identify the skill sets required of today’s engineering and construction teams and it will look at optimal use of said technologies on which kinds of projects. Speakers at the event have been specially selected to provide input coming from experience from the operator’s viewpoint, the suppliers perspective AND from the standpoint of skills development and training. This is key because in order to spur innovation and optimize its use, we need producers and their suppliers on the same page AND an effectively tooled workforce across the supply chain.

Speakers include:

  • Jean-Michel Gires, CEO, NextTier Energy Solutions (formerly the President /CEO of Total Canada
  • Mark Brown, Vice President & General Manager, Fluor Canada
  • Terry Ross, Research Partnerships Specialist, Schulich School of Engineering, U of C

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