Workforce Development Committee

Workforce Development Committee members work toward a vision where Alberta’s construction industry has access to a workforce with the right mix of skills at the right time and in the right numbers. They are leading the way when it comes to strategic thinking about Alberta’s future workforces, as well as ensuring there are opportunities and respect for all Albertans within the construction industry.

Steering Committee Co-Chairs

  • Niaz Ahmed – Suncor
  • Ken Dyck -Husky

Committee Members

  • Don Austin – Jacobs
  • John Brosda – GoA, Apprenticeship & Industry Training
  • Tim Brower – Association for Construction Workforce Acquisition
  • Shawn Campbell – BFI Constructors
  • Paul de Jong – Progressive Contractors Association
  • Ken Eerkes – Christian Labor Association of Canada
  • David Estabrooks – Building Trades of Alberta
  • Brian Frevel – GoA, Innovation & Advanced Education
  • Ron Genereux – Suncor
  • Joe Gheran – Suncor
  • Mel Giles – CAREERS: The Next Generations
  • Lynne Harder – Construction Labor Relations – Alberta
  • Herb Holmes – Construction Labor Relations – Alberta
  • Gwenneth Lauder  – Apprenticeship Insights
  • Carl Lukas – Imperial Oil
  • Marla McCready – Merit Contractors Association
  • Reegan McCullough – Oil Sands Community Alliance
  • Danny Mikitka  – ColasCanada Ltd.
  • Keri Miller – Progressive Contractors Association
  • Bill Peterman – Ledcor
  • Line Porfon – Merit Contractors Association
  • Mike Rezansoff – Building Trades of Alberta
  • Deloris Rushton – Clearstream
  • Rod Schenk – Bemac
  • Pat Sproat – GoA, Jobs Skills Training Labor
  • Tammy Temple – CNRL
  • John Timmer – Jacobs
  • Ryan Timmerman – Christian Labor Association of Canada
  • Lance Wilson – GoA, Jobs Skills Training Labor
  • Ron Cherlet – Construction Labour Relations of Alberta
  • Ellen Jackson – North West Redwater Partnership
  • Mike Yorke – North West Redwater Partnership
  • Lisa Dueck – Shell Canada

Sub Committees

Apprentice Attraction Committee

Committee Co-Chairs

  • Ryan Timmermans – Christian Labour Association of Canada (CLAC)
  • Lynne Harder – Construction Labour Relations – Alberta

Development & Sustainment Committee

Committee Co-Chairs

  • Mike Yorke – North West Redwater Partnership
  • Lisa Dueck – Shell Canada

Other Committees

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COAA members are the companies and organizations in the heavy industrial construction industry. Membership has its benefits:

  • Network with industry peers
  • Contribute to committees and best practices for the industry
  • Annual General Meeting and other events and workshops offered through the COAA
  • Attend the annual Best Practices Conference
  • Access COAA initiatives


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