About COAA

Since 1973, COAA has worked to make construction in Alberta safer and more efficient.

COAA provides leadership to enable the Alberta heavy industrial construction and industrial maintenance industries to be successful in our drive for safe, effective, timely and productive project execution.

This is achieved by:

  • Stimulating positive change based on shared vision
  • Providing a forum for dialogue, common understanding and shared vision among owners, contractors, labour providers and governments
  • Creating and championing implementation of Best Practices in the construction industry
  • Bringing new ideas to construction industry and government leaders

Excellence in Alberta heavy industrial construction and industrial maintenance.

Value Proposition: Alignment – Advocacy – Action
Founded in 1973, COAA is unique as no other such organization exists in North America. COAA has a track record of industry-changing accomplishments.

COAA draws together owners, engineers, contractors, labour providers and material suppliers for industry dialogue and cooperation – developing industry-wide best practices.

COAA champions balanced perspectives and speaks with one voice n important industry initiatives and public policies, fostering strong working relationships with government.

COAA is strategic and action-oriented:

  • 30+ Best Practices issued, including a number of global “gold standards”
  • 24+ annual Best Practices Conferences
  • Current call to action: Twice as Safe, Twice as Productive by 2020

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Executive Committee

Executive Officers

  • Scott Maguire President Manager, Construction and Commissioning, Cenovus Energy Inc.
  • Steve Owens Treasurer Vice President, Operations, Gas & Renewables, Capital Power Corporation
  • Mark Mackay Past President Managing Director, Construction & Engineering, TransAlta Corporation
  • Ron Genereux Best Practices Committee Chair Vice President, Productivity & Construction Major Projects, Suncor Energy Inc.
  • Neil Shelly Executive Director Construction Owners Association of Alberta


  • Dan Bierd Director, Liquids Projects, Canada, TransCanada Pipelines Ltd.
  • Steve Peplinski Projects & Turnaround Manager, Shell Scotford Complex
  • David Hughes Manager of Horizon U&O Projects, Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.
  • Brian Lokhorst Senior Advisor, Maintenance and Projects, Syncrude Canada Ltd.
  • Karl Hroza Senior Vice President Engineering and Construction, North West Redwater Partnership
  • Mark Banham Canadian Capital Projects Manager, ConocoPhillips Canada Resources Corp.
  • Mike Smith Execution Advisor, Imperial Oil Resources
  • Patrick McKenna Director, Integrated Projects, Altalink
  • Graeme Mack Leader, Technical Services, Manufacturing West, NOVA Chemicals Corp.
  • Matt Faith Director, Canadian Projects, Enbridge Pipelines Inc.

Guest Directors

  • Neil Tidsbury President, Construction Labour Relations – Alberta

Our Committees

Construction Performance

Developing the next-generation of tools for improving productivity

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Enhancing contracting strategies and tools to improve efficiency and performance for all parties

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Developing leading philosophies, practices and tools to improve safety performance

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Workforce Development

Building a workforce with the right skills, at the right time, in the right numbers

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COAA members are the companies and organizations in the heavy industrial construction industry. Membership has its benefits:

  • Network with industry peers
  • Contribute to committees and best practices for the industry
  • Annual General Meeting and other events and workshops offered through the COAA
  • Attend the annual Best Practices Conference
  • Access COAA initiatives


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Our Initiatives

Best Practices

We offer free-of-charge Best Practices and information in the areas of safety, construction performance, workforce development and contracting, to help Alberta’s construction industry become safer, more efficient and more productive.

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Twice as Safe, Twice as Productive

Twice as Safe, Twice as Productive by 2020 is an initiative that brings together tools and expertise from across the industry to share knowledge and reach the goal of doubling the safety and productivity of Alberta’s construction industry.

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May 8-9, 2018

Edmonton, Alberta

The Best Practices Conference provides a forum for the exchange of information and ideas to achieve safe, effective, timely and productive project execution in Alberta.

Best Practices Awards

The Construction Owners Association of Alberta Best Practices Awards recognize companies and organizations which have provided outstanding leadership in developing, implementing and improving industry best practices, which have led to measurable advances in project, company or industry performance. Presented annually at the Best Practices Conference, the awards celebrate industry leaders, and provide inspiring role models for COAA Members and the industry at large.

The awards rotate between three themes: Construction Performance, Safety Leadership and Workforce Development, to provide focus and sufficient time for organizations to make substantive progress from one cycle to the next. Two categories for each award accommodate large and small organizations.

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