COVID-19 – Working Through the Challenges

Dealing with a pandemic is a new challenge for most of us. These webinars were organized as opportunities for companies in the natural resources sector and the heavy industrial construction/major turnaround sector to hear how their peers are evaluating and addressing the risks. As in other challenging times, we can share our experiences and learnings, we can learn from each other.

Future Webinars

COAA Best Principles: Considerations When Deciding to Put a Project into Sleep Mode (April 3, 2020)

Webinar – Best Principles: Considerations When Deciding to Put a Project into Sleep Mode



COAA Webinar #1 Response Planning: COVID-19 on Construction Sites and Major Turnarounds (March 18, 2020)

Webinar attendance: 320 unique attendees (240 Canada, 80 United States)


COAA quickly pulled together a webinar to share among COAA members and friends about what is being planned and implemented to respond to the rapidly-evolving COVID-19 situation.

Discussion leaders: Larry Jones (Ledcor Group), Leora Hornstein (Cenovus Energy), Mark Mackay (TransAlta Utilities)

Click here to download a full recording of the presentation

Click here to download a PDF of the introductory slides

Click here to download a PDF of the questions asked (50 asked; eight answered (on presentation recording) during the time available)



Web Links

Government of Alberta (health measures & financial relief measures

Wikipedia *Overview article and statistics – but cross-check facts with official sources*


Public Health Agency of Canada (posters for staff training or common areas)


Industry Sharing

COVID-19 Screening Decision Tree & COVID-19 Fit for Duty (Office / Clinic) Decision Tree (with thanks to DriverCheck)

Response action for remote mining sites may offer learnings for remote construction sites (courtesy of the Mining Association of Canada)

Pandemic Action Summaries from MAC Members – March 20, 2020 for distribution

COAA’s Auditor, Ms. Robyn Eeson, CPA, CA, has provided this suite of business resources – similar information will be available from respective member company business advisors (with thanks to KPMG LLP)

British Columbia Centre For Disease Control & British Columbia Ministry of Health have developed a Provincial COVID-19 Task Force and developed the following guidelines for industrial camps