COVID-19 – Working Through the Challenges

Dealing with a pandemic is a new challenge for most of us.  As in other times of disruptive change, we can share our experiences and learnings, we can learn from each other.

Industry Sharing

Construction Sites & Turnaround Sites

The following documents are guidelines prepared by various COAA members for their particular circumstances; they are provided as a courtesy in unprecedented times as examples and idea-starters for the industry. They are not recommended or endorsed by COAA as best practices or even as appropriate for the circumstances of any other company. The various examples should be used by company representatives who have the appropriate degree of experience to evaluate, synthesize and adapt the content. The examples are provided as a courtesy, without any responsibility arising in any way from any and all use of or reliance on the information contained in the examples.

Business Implications


Future webinars

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Past webinars (click here for more information)

These webinars were organized as opportunities for companies in the heavy industrial construction/major turnaround sector to hear how their peers are evaluating and addressing the COVID-19 risks.


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