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Alberta Report II

The Construction Owners Association of Alberta (COAA), in partnership with the Construction Industry Institute (CII), first established a Benchmarking Database (also referred to as the COAA Performance Assessment System or COAA PAS) of capital industrial projects in 2006, allowing participating COAA members to assess the performance of their projects against similar projects in Alberta and the U.S. The database includes project cost, schedule and safety data, and engineering and construction information that is inputted into the COAA Benchmarking Database at two specific times in the project life cycle, at sanction and completion. The system utilizes the project data to calculate metrics that can be analyzed to assess project performance along with engineering and construction productivity.

Data for Alberta projects, compared project performance and productivity numbers for different types of Alberta projects (Oil Sands SAGD versus pipeline), for projects in different time periods, 2006-2009 (phase 1) versus 2010-2014 (phase 2), and for projects located in the U.S. These comparisons generated much information and identified some interesting trends.

In general, Alberta projects showed improved performance from phase 1 to phase 2. However, when compared to U.S. projects, Alberta projects generally experienced poorer cost and schedule performance than U.S. projects. Engineering and construction productivity numbers for Alberta and U.S. projects showed wide variances for some disciplines and similarities for other disciplines.

The assessments of project performance and engineering and construction productivity, presented in this report demonstrate that capabilities of the COAA PAS to identify areas for improvement that participating COAA members can address as they develop and execute future projects

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